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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Stock market descend, millions of investor loss of their money.

What is going on with finance market , stock market॥?? nothing that can understand,be arrive issue of crowded global recession in conversing people, stock market descend। Whether of its Cause because credit stuck of suprime mortage, last why millions of investor in all the world loss of their money, whether of all investor of loss of money or whether money of their invesment disappear

question for the shake of question becoming a big question
no one people even also which can give sure answer for all the question.
clear but,the money of all the investor do not disappear, only make a move to another hand.millions of investor loss of their money, but the bright investor growing rich. why can like that.?
one of the root cause, besides gluttony and corruption, so much people of loss of money is because them of have invesment for capital gain. this occurence much the same to like falling of recession in final 1990 - an. a lot of investor do not learn from occurence in final 1990 - an, they have invesment with method one who duller, its meaning is they have invesment in company which do not give advantage, last hope there is one who duller from them.
a friend ask to I am " how many yours loss in stock market , I reply there nothing, exactly I get big enough profit, he is like unconvinced " how come, all price of share descend sharply, even in all the world ".
this clarification like this , first : I do not want to become guzzler, before I step into market, I have had the plan when and as I go out, a period of/to its gold is stock market high stomach, price of share which I buy to go up almost 100 %, I go out soldly my share, but not all, I sell for the price of price buy me my capital have returned on-myhand, like gamble people, what still be remained by port money, even so its price now return to descend sharply and assess my invesment descend, make only my advantage decrease
Second, I have invesment non at capital gain, but for the cash flow, I only expect deviden from rest of my share.
as in writing above, a lot of investor of have invesment for capital gain and too gluttonous, hoping price of their share is non-stoped to go up, whereas they stir to calculate profit or capital gain which they get although newly the profit on paper, they newly the correctness - real correct get profit if they sell their share

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